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WELCOME To Club Selah Volleyball

We will be having tryouts for ALL Yakima Valley Players for the 2024-2025 season. 

Summer tryouts will be on July 28th @ Selah High School

U15/16/17  8:30-10:30

U14  11:30-1:30

Online registration is required

1. Register for tryouts. (Use a parent email to create SportEngine account. Other adults may be added to player profile later)

2. After tryout registration there will be email instructions to purchase the USA volleyball membership and tryout packet medical release documents.

3. Club Selah tryout fee of $25 and will be paid at the door when arriving for tryouts. Please arrive 20 minutes before start time to submit player documents and fee.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What age division is my player? Scroll down to view the Age Definitions for the 2024-25 season. Find your player's birth year and month in the chart to determine division.

Q: How long is the season?
November: Fall tryouts
December: Practices start and the players/coaches/team reps. attend required score ref. clinics.
January to March: Tournaments; some older teams play into April/May/June.

Q: What days are tournaments? Tournaments are almost always on Sundays. Doors open at 7 or 8am with the tournament lasting until between 4-5pm; it’s a full-day of volleyball. Some tournaments are two-day events over the weekend (if chosen)

Q: Where do the teams travel? Previous destinations include WA cities along the Seattle/Olympia corridor, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Othello, Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Walla Walla. There are closer tournaments in Ellensburg, Sunnyside, Selah, and Yakima. Younger teams typically travel less often and shorter distance.

We've had teams travel into Idaho and Oregon; and we've also had Oregon and Idaho teams attend our tournaments in Selah.

Q: When are practices? Typically, each team will practice twice a week from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Practices are at Selah High School. We are not a school club so our practice days vary week-to-week depending on the Selah High School sports calendar and when the gyms are available after all the high school teams are done.

Q: How much does it cost? Depends on the team and the number of tournaments.

Season Estimates

This is a historical view of previous seasons. Travel and food costs are not included here.  The below cost do not include any extended travel tournaments, if chosen by team.

U12  $700 - $1,000  Tournament days: 6-9
U14  $800 - $1,300  Tournament days: 7-10

U16  $1,000 - $1,800  Tournament days: 8-11

The remaining balance can be paid in three equal monthly payments over the season starting in January. A $10 monthly fee is added if not paid in full.

Q: Is the cost paid immediately? No. The $60 USA Volleyball player membership is due immediately after teams are formed in November. A $300 commitment deposit is due at the All-Club meeting after teams are set and the tournament schedules are presented.

The commitment deposit indicates that the player fee will be paid to the club in full regardless of finishing the season.

Q: Who runs Club Selah? Parents, volunteers, and club director(s). A Steering Committee (board) composed of team reps, volunteers, and other positions as needed. Each team is required to have a team rep and at least one chaperone (typically these are parents).

The team rep and chaperone(s) manage the team including: help register for tournaments, confirm travel arrangements, and assign food for tournaments. Read below about Team Rep and Chaperone duties.

We use SportsEngine, an online application, to organize each team roster. It allows the directors & coaches to communicate within the teams through email.

Other features:

  1. Manage & display each teams' practice schedule/tournament schedule with location maps, times, and event notes.
  2. Player attendance tracker to events. 
  3. Tracker for training and document requirements.
  4. Multiple adults can be linked to the player accounts with unique logins which allows everyone to see the same information.
  5. Online collection of player fees.

Q: Are the coaches paid? Yes. Our coaches are required to be IMPACT & SafeSport training certified with USA Volleyball. Our coaches have multiple years of experience with club ball and many have coached at the high school level.

Q: How many teams are there? We usually have between five and seven: two U12, two U14, one U16 and one U18.  We add/subtract teams depending on turnout and available coaches. Teams will have no more than ten players each.  We often have U10 developmental teams as well!

Q: Can a player be younger than 12? Yes! We have players as young as 9-years-old on our beginner U12 team.

Q: Who sanctions the volleyball play? Club Selah is a member of the Evergreen Region Volleyball Association (ERVA) within USA Volleyball (USAV). USA Volleyball is the same organization that runs the Olympic volleyball teams.

Q: What about clothing and uniforms? The player cost includes a jersey(s) and a whistle. Players are responsible for purchasing spandex. Other optional/voluntary clothing including sweatshirts, t-shirts, backpacks, socks, etc. are decided by the team. Team/Fan apparel will be available for online purchase.

Q: What about medical equipment and insurance? Each team is required to travel with a team bag which includes a full first aid kit and many other travel items. Medical insurance is provided within the mandatory USAV player membership. This insurance is secondary to personal medical insurance. Club Selah has its own insurance fund to help mitigate the cost of a player missing at least one full calendar month or more of the season.

Q: What is SafeSport? SafeSport is a mandatory training for our coaches, team reps, and chaperones. The training seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment of all club participants. Preventing child sexual abuse, bullying, hazing & harassment. Recognizing emotional, physical and sexual misconduct are all part of the program mandated by USA Volleyball.

Social Media

Follow us for tournament pictures and news!

Facebook @ClubSelah

Instagram @clubselah

Best Organization!

Club Selah is dedicated to advancing the play of our youth athletes. We have a stellar committee of parents and volunteers that devote their time to managing our club and teams so the coaches can just coach!

Experienced Coaches

Many of our Club Selah coaches are former Club Selah players! Most of our coaches have played at the college level. Most have multiple years of club coaching and high school level coaching experience. Please see their bios on the About Club Selah tab!


Club Selah hosts tournaments for all age divisions right here in Selah! Income from our hosted tournaments is a direct benefit to our players allowing us to keep players' fees in a reasonable range. We partner with local vendors to provide apparel and we even offer unique fundraising opportunities for our teams or other local groups during our tournaments.


Club Selah offers a Spring Camp every May. Our phenomenal coaches offer specific drills and skill games for ages U10, U12, and U14. Our camps are very popular with beginner players and also more advanced athletes moving on to the high school level. Our U16 team players always assist at the camps which allows them to gain coaching experience and mentor the next wave of youth players.

Club Selah Volleyball Sponsors

Sponsor a team or an individual player to cover fees. Sponsor the club for equipment purchases. 

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Become a Club Selah sponsor. Have your business link or personal name with message listed on our website. Sponsorship dollars can be assigned to support coaches and individual players or just the club in general.

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Quick Links

Evergreen Region Volleyball Association (ERVA) - Regional office in Spokane: tourney results, team rankings, coach certification & training, club forms, officials, parent information.

SportsEngine - Player/Coach/Volunteer USAV registration, team communication app, team schedules, online player fee collection, team rosters for tournaments, Tryouts & Spring Camp registration.

Advanced Event Systems (AES) - Tournament calendars and tournament registration.

Summer Cuevas

Club Selah Volleyball - Director