Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the season? Tryouts are in early November. Practices generally start mid-December and the Player/Coach Score & Ref clinics. Tournaments start in January and we play through mid-March; some older teams play into April/May. The U18 team plays & fundraises through the spring to prepare for their summer tournament trip in May.
Each team sets its own season and the tournaments they will attend.

Q: What days are tournaments? Tournaments are almost always on Sundays. Doors open at 7 or 8am with the tournament lasting until between 4-5pm; it’s a full-day of volleyball. Some tournaments are two-day events over the weekend (if chosen)

Q: Where do the teams travel?: Previous destinations include Seattle/Olympia, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Othello, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, Lewiston ID. There are tournaments in Ellensburg, Sunnyside, Selah and Yakima, too.
Younger teams typically travel less often and less distance.

Q: When are practices? Typically, each team will practice twice a week from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Gym days available vary week-to-week depending on the Selah High School sports calendar.

Q: How much does it cost? Depends on the team and the number of tournaments they choose.

Season Estimates

This is a historical view of previous seasons. Travel and food costs are not included here. For U18, the below cost does not include the Spring/Summer extended travel tournament trip.
U12$300 - $4503 - 61 or 2 travel within 100 miles
U14$450 - $5507 - 103 - 5 travel (2 - 3 overnight)
U16$550 - $7009 - 103 - 5 travel (2 - 4 overnight)
U18$700 +9 - 124 - 6 travel (3 - 5 overnight)

Q: Is the cost paid immediately? No. The $60 USA Volleyball player membership fee is due immediately after teams are formed in November. A $100 commitment deposit is due at the December 2, 2018 All-Club meeting when the tournament schedules are finalized.
The remaining balance can be paid in three equal monthly payments over the season starting in January. A $10 monthly fee is added if not paid in full. The commitment deposit indicates that the player fee will be paid to the club in full regardless of finishing the season.

Q: Who runs Club Selah? Unpaid Parents and Volunteers. A Steering Committee composed of Team Reps and Volunteers elects a Club Director and other positions as needed. Each team is required to have a Team Rep and a Chaperone (typically these are parents). The Team Rep and Chaperone manage the team including: prepare budget, collect team fees, register for tournaments, confirm travel arrangements, assign food for tournaments, oversee team and coach in general.

Q: Are the coaches paid? Yes. Our coaches are the only paid members of our club and are required to be IMPACT training certified with USA Volleyball. Our coaches have multiple years’ experience with club ball and many have coached at the high school level.

Q: How many teams are there? We usually have seven: one U12, three U14, two U16, and one U18. We add/subtract teams depending on turnout. Teams will have no more than ten players each.

Q: Who sanctions the volleyball play? Club Selah is a member of the Evergreen Region Volleyball Association (ERVA) within USA Volleyball (USAV). USA Volleyball is the same organization that runs the Olympic volleyball teams.

Q: What about clothing and uniforms? The player cost includes jersey, whistle, and spandex. Other optional/voluntary clothing including sweatshirts, t-shirts, backpacks, socks, etc. are decided by the team. Team/Fan apparel will be available for online purchase.

Q: What about medical equipment and insurance? Each team is required to travel with a team bag which includes a full first aid kit and many other travel items. Medical insurance is provided within the mandatory USAV player membership. This insurance is secondary to personal medical insurance. Club Selah has its own insurance fund to help mitigate the cost of a player missing at least one full calendar month or more of the season. Each player contributes $5 to this fund.

Q: What is SafeSport? SafeSport is a mandatory training for our Coaches, Team Reps, and Chaperones. The training seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment of all club participants. Preventing child sexual abuse, bullying, hazing & harassment. Recognizing emotional, physical and sexual misconduct are all part of the program mandated by USA Volleyball.

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Quick Links

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